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Claire Upton Head of R&D Tax Credits

R&D tax relief is intended to encourage investment in activities today that bring improvements in the future. This relief looks to the landscape of science and technology that underpins products, processes, materials, devices, or services; with a view to supporting the pathway to discovery and growth.  This could be to create something new, or to make significant improvements, by building upon existing knowledge.

R&D tax relief focuses primarily on science and technology. But no-one in business invests in R&D just to find something out… it is always with an eye to delivering a commercial solution that commands competitive advantage.

R&D tax relief is recognising and encouraging ongoing commitment to work, seeking new insights through reinterpreting solutions – and finding value in unconventional places – that comes from approaching problems from unique angles.  It looks to support discovery and growth around science and technology-based principles that underpin the commercial success of many industries.

R&D tax reliefs – do you qualify?

If you can answer yes to the following questions, you might be eligible to access funding via this tax relief:

  • Are you spending money on developing a new or improved process, product, material, device, or service?
  • Do you employ or bring in people with expertise in a relevant field of science or technology, to work on scientific or technology-based principles that would facilitate your commercial deliverables?
  • Do you have a project (or several projects) that attempt to advance knowledge or capability where there is uncertainty around how to bridge that knowledge or capability gap in a relevant field of science or technology? Is it standing in the way of delivering a commercially viable proposition?

Our R&D tax reliefs team

Our R&D tax team houses a wealth of experience to support you with understanding and making a claim for this tax relief.

  • We’ll help you to understand the eligibility criteria and work with you to assess your work against this.
  • We’ll look at the areas where you have incurred costs and how these costs can be attributed to the qualifying aspects of your work.
  • We’ll take the facts we’ll gather throughout the assessment process and produce a robust report for submission to HMRC in support of your claim.

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