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Where knowledge, strength and courage deliver on ambition

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Wondering who Fortus are and what we do?

To put it simply, we’re business advisors and accountants. With over 40 years of experience and a decade of that as part of a top 20 accountancy firm, we’ve honed our skills and developed our service offering to deliver a much wider range of bespoke support and advice to ambitious business owners and their businesses.

Why is Fortus different?

It’s simple. We have a contemporary approach to providing knowledge, advice and support to the business owners of today and tomorrow.

We know business ownership can be complex and demanding – with daily challenges ranging from financial management, recruiting & retaining people, to managing property, funding growth or strategic planning.

When these challenges land at your feet and people are looking to you for all the answers, we’ll be there, by your side, using our knowledge, strength and courage to help you find yours, supporting you as you grow your business.

Crucially, our knowledge-led business advice is personal to you. We’ll be there with you every step of the way to delivery on your ambition.

It’s not just about your business; it’s about YOU, the owner.

Not clear what business advisors do?

Business advisors are often perceived as either high end, eye wateringly expensive consultants or are confused with the indistinct world of business coaches. We’re happy to say, we’re neither of those.

Yes, our roots stem from being accountants (and great accountants at that), but today we offer so much more, because we recognise that a single speciality is no longer what business owners want.

Our aim is to give people clarity, change the view of, and promote the value of business advisors.

“We’ll be there with you every step of the way to deliver on your ambition"


We’re supporting more and more of the UK’s ambitious business owners and it’s a genuine team effort. We’re helping business leaders make courageous decisions to grow their businesses and we’re doing the same with ours. Want to find out more about the people behind Fortus?

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Our proposition isn’t based on how big your business is or what sector you’re in. It’s about your mindset as a business owner. If you have the desire to achieve more, keep learning and to make brave decisions to drive your business forward, regardless of the size of your business, we can support you and your ambitions.

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We build great business relationships and that’s down to our people. We’ve got a huge variety of skills and talent at Fortus, but we also have fun along the way! Find out more about our people here.

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“we’ll be there, by your side, using our knowledge, strength and courage to help you find yours"

our story

We’ve got a varied and rich story to tell. From simple beginnings and over 40 years of experience.

Now we are Fortus. One team with many talents offering a joined-up service to our clients.

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