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Fortus is growing and changing at quite a pace! We’re an ambitious group of people with the same aim – to create a consistent, high-quality experience for our clients. Like us, our client list is growing – we’re supporting more and more of the UK’s ambitious business owners and it’s a real team effort. We’re helping them make courageous decisions to grow their businesses and we’re doing the same with ours.

How? By changing the world of accountancy and business advice. We know that a single specialty of accountancy is not what business leaders need. We’re business advisors and we’re building a team of independently minded, talented people with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds to meet our client’s needs, both commercially
and culturally.


We know a great environment’s vitally important for the wellbeing and performance of our people. But it isn’t just about great office spaces. It’s providing a safe and open environment where people can flourish, share ideas and excel.

That’s why we go way beyond creating great spaces to work. We put an equal amount of effort into things you can’t physically see, like emotional, intellectual, and physical support and nurture a collaborative culture, focusing on communication, learning, recognition, trust and of course fun! We’re advocates of creating a strong bond between teams and champion charity events and personal challenges throughout the year.


Our aim’s quite simple… to build the best, most talented and happiest team possible.

Our People Strategy’s continually evolving using a Design Thinking methodology. This ensures a collaborative approach where each person has a ‘voice’, encouraging ideas to flourish and people to thrive. We’re open, honest and share in everything we do. Our own leadership team works hard to inspire and develop the subject matter experts and leaders of tomorrow. All in all, we believe if our people succeed, then our clients will follow suit.

This is backed by the consistently high scores on Glassdoor from our employees. Why not read our Glassdoor reviews to get a feel for what it’s like to be a Fortus team member?

So, if you like what you’re reading, maybe the time’s right to make the move, apply for a role, or send us your CV and do something special with your career?

“All in all we believe if our people succeed then our clients will follow suit"


How do we bring together over 70+ people across 8 locations? Simple, our values and a strong collaborative culture are what bind us together. If you share, believe in, and are prepared to contribute to our values, you’ll feel right at home at Fortus. Why?

Because we’re…


We know what we do exceptionally well. It’s our unique combination of skills, values and culture that make us distinctive. We’re positively different and stand out for good reason.


We respect, value and view people as individuals. We achieve what we do through collaboration, encouraging participation and new ideas.


We understand what we do every day is worthwhile. We create tangible value for our clients and ourselves.


We believe in ourselves and are confident in meeting challenges head on. We’re not afraid to step into the unknown, but only do so, once we’ve weighed up all potential outcomes.

“We’re building a team of independently minded, talented people with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds"

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