Payroll Services

One of the most important things to get right in business, is to ensure your team’s paid on time and the right amount. Sounds simple? If only it were. They’re relying on you to provide their income and there’s nothing worse than the stress of something going wrong and it financially impacting your team.

There’s no doubt that payroll has become more complex over the years. It’s now much more about having the right technology and knowledge to deal with constant changes in legislation and the complexity of a varied workforce.

Outsourced payroll

Keeping payroll in-house often doesn’t make financial sense for many business owners. Using an external payroll service removes the need and cost, for a dedicated payroll specialist in-house and saves time and money. No more training, purchasing and maintaining payroll software and holiday cover to worry about.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll

Maybe your current payroll bureau isn’t providing all the benefits you expect or need. If you don’t outsource, then now’s the time to understand the benefits outsourcing payroll could bring to your business.

  • Cost saving: Outsourced payroll can be more cost effective than in-house.
  • Software: No more costly, time consuming software upgrades, training or support needed.
  • Continuity: Guaranteed cover all year round. No more worries around your payroll person being on holiday or off sick.
  • Confidentiality & security: No chance of any confidential payroll data being seen by the wrong people. We’re fully GDPR compliant and guarantee the safety of your data.

Our payroll hub

Our full-time payroll experts are a trusted payroll partner to hundreds of SME businesses across the country. They’ll provide you with the peace of mind and security that your payroll’s being handled by a dedicated, skilled, specialist team.

Our outsourced payroll services

We do so much more than payroll processing. Our team can provide everything you need including pension calculations and deductions, flexible payment dates, Real Time Information submissions, P45s, P46s and statutory communications together with a reporting pack to ensure you have all the relevant financial information for your business. Nothing’s too complex for us.

Switch payroll providers

So many business owners think switching payroll providers is hard and time consuming. We guarantee this isn’t the case. Our team will manage the entire process of switching payroll providers for you and you’ll enjoy a seamless, hassle-free transition.

“I'm always reassured by how Fortus helps me make informed business decisions"

Charlotte Jamme Mia Tui

“I almost feel smug about having business advisors of such calibre on my side"

Jason King JRM


So, if you want to work with a Payroll team who will understand you and work with you to make a real difference, then contact us now.


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