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Whether you’re a business already trading overseas, or an overseas business looking to trade in the UK, or even a business owner yet to accomplish your international ambitions, then our team are here to help.

Fortus have a team of specialists here in the UK to help you with financial management, legislation, people, property and international tax. Not only that, we’re part of the Morison Global community, the 6th largest association of leading professional service firms in the UK and 10th globally, providing cross-border accounting, auditing, tax and consulting needs of business owners.

Expanding internationally for the first time?

You’re ready to export or trade internationally for the first time. Now what? There’s a whole world out there for you to conquer but, if you’ve only traded domestically until now, there are many things that you just won’t consider.  Don’t go it alone, seek advisors you can trust and learn from others who’ve gone before you.

Whether it’s choosing the right countries to expand into, establishing local links, tax planning, or insight into the local market & culture, we can help.

International expansion into new territories?

Have you currently expanded into other countries but have ambitions to expand into more new markets?  Maybe you’re looking at emerging (and challenging) markets? Each new market will require its own strategy and entrance into the market.  What’s worked in one country won’t always work in another. Underlying economic, demographic, cultural and regulatory factors differ and often the ‘rules of engagement’ must be changed. We can help you take the courageous step into your next foreign market.

Businesses coming to the UK

The UK continues to offer great incentives to make it a world leading country in which to do business. If you’re considering trading or investing in the UK, then you should know that we work with many UK subsidiaries of overseas groups. There’s plenty of opportunities and initiatives designed to incentivise foreign investment.  Whether it’s access to funding, tax reliefs, R&D tax credits, annual investment allowances, finding the right commercial property or finding the right people.

More about Morison global

Our team here in the UK can offer a comprehensive range of services.  But, it’s important to us that you deal with the right people in each country you operate within, so we’ll only refer you to firms that we know meet our own rigorous standards.

To ensure you receive top quality advice across the globe, we’re part of the Morison Global* community, the 10th largest international association of professional service firms. With over 300 offices in 82 countries, Morison Global’s mission is to provide people with access to high-quality services in all major locations around the world. Their selection process for member firms is rigorous, designed to recruit only outstanding independent member firms into their global association.  They’ve got a strong reputation across all continents and are an association that brings trust and confidence.

Fortus are proud to be part of the Morison Global’s ‘family’ of member firms.

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Worried about language difficulties?

While we are privileged to have most of the business world speaking English, we recognise that there are times when nothing beats being able to have a business conversation your own language. Within our team we can speak at a business level in French, Polish and Romanian. Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bangladeshi and Urdu. Mandarin and Cantonese, and can even manage Ghanaian, Malawi and Tagalog!

*Morison Global is an international association of independently owned and operated professional firms. Professional services are provided by individual member firms. Morison Global does not provide professional services in its own right. No member firm has liability for the acts or omissions of any other member firm arising from its membership of Morison Global.

“Having access to local expertise in Germany meant we could find out everything we needed to know about trading there”

Gavin Mortimer PRS Guitars Europe

“Having my Corporate Finance, R&D, Accounting and Personal finances under one roof is allowing Fortus and their relevant teams to add value and efficiencies"

Mark Martin MDM Compliance Systems


So, if you want to work with advisors who will understand you and work with you to make a real difference, then contact us now.

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