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David McGeachy Head of VAT

Whether you’re a business owner or not for profit charity, our VAT experts can help you reduce the burden of dealing with VAT. We have a team of specialists just waiting to answer your questions and provide you with high quality VAT services.

Do you need to register for VAT, mitigate penalties, maximise VAT reliefs or require advice with a VAT dispute? If so, we can definitely help.

VAT planning & structuring

Don’t know the best way to structure transactions to avoid unnecessary VAT? Our VAT specialists can help.

VAT repayments

Our VAT team have secured significant repayments for a wide variety of companies in different sectors that have special VAT rules. So, if your business is in the leisure, care home, not for profit, or catering industry, then contact us for advice.

Customs duties

If you’re looking to grow overseas by importing and exporting, you’ill face customs duty. Most businesses don’t have in-house expertise to tackle complex and ever-changing customs and excise rules, so why not make things simple, by seeking expert advice? We’ll give you clear guidance to ensure you’ve paid the right duty in the right country.

VAT registration

Why not get rid of the hassle of registering for VAT and making monthly or quarterly VAT returns? Our experts can take away the need for you to do this yourself, whether it’s a sense check you need on your VAT returns or you want to outsource your VAT compliance needs totally, we can help.

International trade

VAT becomes ever more complex as you trade across different countries. Why not let us rationalise your VAT registrations across the globe or secure repayments from other countries?

VAT litigation and dispute resolution

Many companies face HMRC disputes in regard to their VAT position. Our specialists deal with VAT disputes on a regular basis. Take away the worry by letting us use our experience to fight your corner.

Sector: Construction & Built Environment, Creative Industries, Sport & Entertainment

"Fortus have been especially helpful around advising on all aspects of VAT from the day to day queries that we have right through to detailed advice and training around proposed HMRC changes in our sector."

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