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Dominic MarleyDom Marley Director - Head of Wealth Management

Financial planning and wealth management advice naturally complement the other services we provide at Fortus. That’s why we formed Fortus Wealth Management (North) Ltd. – to help our clients make the most of pension and investment opportunities, ensure they have the right life and health insurance in place, and to advise on ways to reduce, or even remove their inheritance tax costs.

With so much choice, so many different pension and investment structures, as well as life insurance products, how do you decide on the right ones for you, your business, your family?


We know how hard it can be to source trusted advice for big and important life decisions. You’ll find ours is truly ‘independent’, as we work with financial products from the whole of the market and deliver these ‘in-house’ to our valued clients. With Fortus, you know you’re getting the right advice, using the right products from a reliable source.

Consider us your guide in a constantly changing, complex, and sometimes scary financial landscape. You shouldn’t have to guess what might happen in the future. Solid forecasting and planning for potential changes in circumstances is key; we’ll help you with asset management by looking at your liabilities, income, and expenditure to make informed decisions, but we’ll also help you manage risk, taxes, and how best to structure your investments.

Ultimately, we’re here to make your life easy, so you can make life count.


There are many rules and regulations around IHT. Luckily our team’s fully versed in IHT matters and how you could be affected. IHT’s a charge that’s applied on the estate left behind when someone passes away – this includes property, money, and possessions. We’ve advised hundreds of individuals on IHT-mitigation strategies to allay any ‘tax trap’ fears.

Using trust-based and/or business relief investments, we can save your estate significant sums of money, meaning more of your hard-earned capital goes to your chosen beneficiaries; your family and loved ones – not HMRC. And that’s good news for estate planning.


It’s never too early or too late to start financial planning for retirement – but there’s a lot to think about. We’ll help you understand the retirement options available, recommend the most appropriate pension plan, as well as consider allowances, tax implications and other retirement-related planning affairs. You’ll find we’ll explain things in a straightforward manner, advising on how you can make your money work harder, so you can focus on enjoying life to the full.

Then there’s paying for care later in life. Planning ahead for you or a loved one is a wise idea but how can you possibly predict exactly how much care you’ll need as you grow old? Whilst it’s easy to put this planning off, a financial assessment’s a great starting point, and our specialist team’s here to offer guidance, particularly around complex matters such as equity release or putting money into a trust.


This is the most obvious and crucial component of financial planning.

It’s prudent to make wise decisions when it comes to how you spend, save, and invest your hard-earned money. Whether it’s cash, equities, bonds, or property, we’ll help you match your financial resources to your financial objectives, and importantly, as your circumstances change (as they inevitably will throughout life), we’ll advise on making the most appropriate adjustments to keep you on track towards your goals.


What will happen to your family when the unexpected and unthinkable happens? Will they be taken care of? Who’s going to support them financially?

These are all important considerations for the security of your family and your own peace of mind. We’re here to help you draw up careful protection plans which can involve looking at life protection, critical illness, and income protection, but above all, it’s about what’s most important to you and the standard of life you secure for your loved ones.


Making a legally binding will ensures your estate’s passed on tax efficiently. Without one, intestacy rules can apply (a person who’s died without having made a will), which can result in an unwanted Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill. It can seem like a daunting process, but we’ll support you through it all to make sure your wishes will be met, and your family’s reassured they’re respecting those wishes.

As for gifts, these should be planned and incorporated into your wider financial planning. We’ll advise you on how best to maximise the transfer of assets to your inheritors and minimise gift and estate taxes. As part of the process, we’ll help you take inventory of what you have, including securities and other investments.


Fortus Wealth Management (North) Ltd is an appointed representative of Julian Harris Financial Consultants, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The performance of your investments is subject to risk(s). Its performance may fluctuate based on movements in the market and economic condition(s). Capital at risk. Currency movements may also affect the value of investments. You may get back less than you originally invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of the future performance. Tax treatment is based on individual’s unique circumstances.

“Dominic’s advised Steve & I on investment and inheritance tax planning since we sold our property business in 2014. His advice and planning is set to save us approximately £40,000 in death duties by investing in a way we wouldn’t have known about on our own."

Jayne & Steve Knaggs


Suve Banerjee Field Compliance Officer - Nordics & Baltics


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