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Don’t stick your head in the sand! Company secretarial and corporate governance matters are important! It may not float all business owners’ boats – but knowing your legal obligations and disclosure requirements is essential.

Let’s face it, in today’s fast paced environment, most companies need to operate smoothly through implementation of efficient systems and procedures – we’re here to support you with achieving just that.

Statutory and regulatory compliance

To put it simply, there isn’t room for error where statutory obligations and compliance is concerned. But compliance doesn’t have to be just a routine ‘tick box’ exercise. It can be a real opportunity to review, undertake due diligence and align with best practice.

Corporate governance

It’s been proven that the most successful companies are those that have effective governance and operational procedures in place. So why wouldn’t you want that for your company?

Shaping your governance systems can make a real difference to the success of your business.

Company lifecycle

We work with types of companies from start-up through stages of growth and to maturity. We’ll help you at every stage.

Whether it’s a company formation, business restructuring or passing ownership to your family, we’ll work with you to do what’s right for you to get these things right first time.

More legislation to contend with

There’s just so much changing legislation surrounding business owners these days, it can become overwhelming and distract you from the important stuff. We’re here to simplify it, into ‘bite-size’ chunks to help you understand and enable you to act fast.


“Starting my new business and getting me going again right from the start - the whole team at Fortus have been amazing. I honestly don't know what I'd have done without them."

Rob Salt, Director R.A.S Masonry Ltd


So, if you want to work with advisors who will understand you and work with you to make a real difference, then contact us now.

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