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Are you a business owner in Manchester or the surrounding Greater Manchester area? Check out the latest business news and the views of our team. From audits to tax advice, our Insights section features analysis and opinions. Need further information on ways to grow your business? Contact us today.


Fortus Manchester's Story

We’re a team of highly talented financial advisors and accountants serving Greater Manchester. And we’re committed to serving local businesses. Get in touch and we can plug in to your business to give you the essential business support you’ve been searching for.

The Fortus story


We’re a multi-talented team of business advisors and accountants in Manchester, offering a wealth of services in the Greater Manchester area. 

You’ll find our office down Oxford Road. From there, our devoted team of experienced financial advisors and accountants in Manchester support lots of directors and founders of local businesses in tackling many challenges. We can help you achieve success, whatever problems may arise. 

We love to help businesses to make informed decisions through our unparalleled services for small start-up business and larger companies. Services include:  

We’re not just chartered accountants in Manchester (we’ve other offices, all across the North of England, and in Scotland too). Our team have experience in many industries, and our industry-specific knowledge provides bespoke and unique insights and solutions that suit your needs. We’ve helped businesses in: 

  • Retail
  • Education 
  • Construction  
  • Property  

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the challenges for Greater Manchester businesses, you can trust us to help you with specific financial challenges and opportunities in and around the region.  

As your business grows, the local and regional economy grows with it. And we’re proud to play our part in that growth. So get in touch with the top advisors and accountants in Manchester today. 


Manchester is one of the coolest cities in the country. This northwestern cultural hotspot may be known as ‘the Rainy City’, but it’s a melting pot of artistic flair, dynamic cutting-edge businesses and talented people.  

Manchester’s 18th-century canal system is a reminder of when the city was a textile powerhouse. But that’s certainly not to say that industry isn’t important in modern-day Manchester. And the future looks set to be even brighter, as a report claims the Rainy City will have the third-fastest economic growth of towns and cities in the UK between 2024 and 2026. This optimistic view is backed up by growth in many sectors, including: 

  • Professional
  • Scientific 
  • Technical 
  • Financial 

We have specialist knowledge in these sectors, and many more, at our Fortus offices, including our Manchester accountancy.  

From its many universities and institutions, to its rich array of boutique cafes and street markets, Manchester attracts some of the UK’s hottest talent, making it a real hotbed for UK industry. And Fortus Manchester is here to help these industries, every step of the way. 

Welcome to our Manchester office

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