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Chris Wilson Director - Head of Tax

These days, HMRC are doing everything in their power to maximise tax revenues. The rules are changing, and tax legislation’s becoming ever more complex. Tackling business taxes with the right advice and planning can make a huge difference to the success of your business. Mistakes can be costly!

Joining the dots

By combining business tax planning with our other services such as accounts and audit means you’ll enjoy the benefit of a joined-up approach. We work closely with our R&D, Capital Allowances and Corporate Finance teams to ensure your business is claiming all the reliefs it’s entitled to.

This approach means we won’t leave any tax planning angle unexplored or any stone unturned.

Much more than business tax compliance

Our highly talented team can do so much more than tax compliance. Whether it’s structuring your business tax efficiently, preparing for sale, motivating employees, attracting investment, or ensuring all available reliefs are claimed, we’ve got an adaptable team with decades of experience to help.

Our Business Tax team aren’t just here to ensure you’re compliant – their strategic tax brains will work with you, make sure your business is operating tax efficiently and in doing so, help you retain more of your hard-earned profit.

So, whatever your business tax need, whether its expansion, property purchase, overseas trading, purchasing capital equipment or simply just reviewing your current business tax planning, our experienced team are here to help.

Sector: Construction & Built Environment, Creative Industries, Sport & Entertainment

“We've been using Fortus for a few years for tax planning. It's great that they're proactive and approachable and they've aided us to make quick and informed decisions"

Parm Bhangal Bhangals Construction


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