Marketers increase investment in Digital Advertising

20 January 2020

The IPA Bellwether Q4 2019 Report, has revealed a 4% overall increase in marketing budgets. This is the first increase since the first quarter of the year. There’s anticipation of more growth to come as well.

Digital advertising

Investment in internet advertising has again been cited as the primary driver of overall growth in marketing spend, with budgets increasing by 7.9% in Q4 2019 alone. After a year of pretty flat results for digital advertising spend there’s finally some good news. There now seems to be real growth in the digital industry with digital advertising being the core focus of this.

Anticipation for growth

The Bellwether Report also indicates an expected upturn in spend in 2020. It’s encouraging to see an optimistic start to the new decade. The report also goes on to predict that growth will continue every year to 2023.

But let’s not get complacent

Although this is all positive news, it’s important that as an industry we don’t get complacent. There are still many challenges to battle and new lines to be drawn, with internet and social media giants and consumers ever evolving the marketing landscape. We’ve got to remain focused on how to intelligently use data to deliver campaigns.

In the creative industry, increasing your strength, growing a sustainable business and keeping ahead of the game in this marketing sector can be very daunting.

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