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Owning and managing a creative business can be exciting and fulfilling, but it can sometimes feel like an expedition into the unknown. Headed by Rob Quinn a former agency owner, we’re passionate about businesses operating in the creative sector. We also love to design, create and innovate, so we’ve created a unique advisory team specifically to support owners of creative businesses.

Business growth

It can be difficult to identify why your business hits a plateau when you are embroiled in the day to day. It could be lack of funding, skills and resources at senior level or perhaps a new business pipeline that doesn’t meet the needs of the business.

We often see owners with truly brilliant creative minds, but who are so closely involved in every aspect of the business they are not able to develop and implement a cohesive growth strategy.

At Fortus, we have true business advisory growth capability including acquisition or mergers, UK and international growth, building new teams, new market entry and diversification.

Funding for growth

With so many sources of funding, we can identify the ideal match for your aspirations. Whether that’s secured or unsecured, public, private or social, we know the terrain. We can help you prepare to impress funders, qualify for loans and grants and secure funding.

Creative tax reliefs

Claiming valuable creative tax reliefs can give your business a much-needed cash injection. We’ve obtained sector specific reliefs such as film, animation, television and video games relief as well as identifying where many creative sector activities qualify for Research & Development tax relief.

Cashflow & finance

Working capital can suffer fluctuations for many reasons. We’ll identify cashflow issues and how you can overcome them. Whether that’s invoice discounting, factoring and financing, asset finance or project and contractual finance, we’ll find the right solution.

Building the right teams

The creative sector is fuelled and driven by talent, skill and originality. With stiff market competition for good people, you need to build a strong employer brand and retain the right people. At Fortus we offer comprehensive People Services to help you do just that.

Day to day HR can also drag you down. Our HR team can help you deal with grievance issues, HR admin, compliance and more. There’s no need to do it yourself or for an expensive in-house HR team.

Buy to build

Are you looking at buying another company to grow? We work with owners who want to buy and build on the strong foundations they’ve created. But finding the right business and getting it at the right price is important. Our corporate finance team will not only find the right targets and negotiate the best deal but we can help with organisational culture, integration, change management and psychological impact post purchase.

Selling or exiting

There are so many things to consider if you want to exit your business. We can help you increase value, make sure you attract the best buyers and get the best price. Maybe you’ve got a strong management team to undertake a management buy-out? Whatever your exit route we’ll be there to make sure the deal is right.

“Fortus made a complex process, simple. Rob’s expertise in our industry offered a unique and complete understanding of our position, and how we could benefit from the additional support that was available to us. The team delivered excellent results, transparently."

Michael, Gavin, and Warren Level Group

“Fortus brought two valuable things to our business when they approached us. First was new knowledge that R&D Tax Credits were available to our growing digital marketing business, second was an efficient and supportive service that enabled us to access them quickly.”

Austin Walters WSA (Walters Snowdon Advertising)

“Fortus identified an R&D opportunity for us and provided a highly professional and knowledgeable service that delivered a substantial amount of tax benefit back quickly and effectively.”

Matt Goodwin Owner & Founder, Architecture Initiative

“We consider Fortus an integral business partner. The Fortus team understand Purity as a business, the industry we work within and the challenges it can present”

Mark Dunn Purity Productions


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