For a small annual fee as outlined below, you’ll be provided with essential tax advice, protection against the cost of professional fees, and representation in the event of a tax enquiry. We’ll also deal with all correspondence and meetings with tax inspectors on your behalf. This is business protection you simply can’t afford to ignore.

(all prices include VAT)


It’s known that HMRC can target ‘high-net’ wealth individuals (and anyone who pays tax for that matter).


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Getting caught off guard with questioning from HMRC is one thing you could do without – your time’s better spent on building your business.


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The annual fee provides inclusive cover for all relevant individuals; directors, partners, spouses, and company secretaries.


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With Limited Liability Partnership organisations having the same tax liability as traditional partnerships, spending a little now on tax investigation protection will potentially save a lot of money, time and headaches.


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The longer a tax investigation goes on, the more costly it becomes. Taking out insurance is therefore a very wise decision for offsetting potential expenses.


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If your Trust’s randomly chosen for enquiry, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve got insurance in place and the people with expertise supporting you through it all.


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