TinyPulse... Your impact

26 January 2021

As a business, we’ve always been keen to promote the voice of everyone in the team, and TinyPulse is just one way of doing this. You’d have seen every couple of weeks, we’re keen to receive feedback on anything, from the serious questions to those more light-hearted points! What we’ve vowed to get better at as an organisation though, is to share the impact your feedback to some of those questions has on our business and the decisions we take to improve things for all of us.

We therefore thought it would be good to highlight a few examples of where this has happened!

q. what’s your go to social media platform and why?

Both LinkedIn and Instagram were the most commonly used platforms, by the majority of those who answered the questions. With Fortus already having a very active LinkedIn company page, now with some 2,200+ followers, the decision was taken to create an Instagram feed, to engage our brand with a widere audience. With the question being posed and answered in June, the account then went live in July. We’re slowly building up our ‘Insta’ following, as it will become a key tool in demonstrating the ‘personality’ of the business in a more informal way. For example, we can utilise ‘insta’ effectively for areas such as recruitment, to help give prospective candidates a ‘flavour’ of who we are, and more importantly, our organisational culture.


q. in line with our people strategy, if we were to introduce an employee board, would you be interested in standing, and if so, why?

Although the initiative was part of our original People Strategy, given the evolution of the business it was important to validate whether there was still an appetite amongst our Fortus team to develop this further. The positive responses and feedback received helped cement our decision to create our first Employee Board, which further sets us apart from our competitors and demonstrates the business’ commitment to our values – DISTINCTIVE, INCLUSIVE, VALUABLE and COURAGEOUS. We’re now at the stage of first round voting. Our ForUS Board will become a key forum for the business, and help shape many of the key strategic plans.


q. following our Christmas gift email, what charity would you like fortus to donate to?

On the face of it, this was a simple question in terms of where you wanted the donation to go. What it’s done however, is highlighted once again the importance of mental health as a topic, given MIND received over 32% of the votes. Unfortunately, COVID’s impacted some of our more practical plans for things such as mental health first aid training and live seminars – these are however, still plans we hope to complete, when allowed to do so. Given the prevalence of this topic, you’ll have seen the various guides and support documents we’ve shared with you during Lockdown. Additionally, the Tempest Two webinar, which focussed on resilience, we felt was an important and timely investment, the output of which we’ve continued to share on our social channels for the benefit of our Fortus ‘family’ and our followers. We recognise that positive mental health is essential to us all, and as such this is an area, as an organisation, we’ll constantly strive to learn more about, in order to help support you as best we can.

These are just a few examples of where your feedback’s influenced our thinking and more importantly, ‘action’. Topics such as mentoring and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have been the subject of recent questions, and those answers are now being built into our plans for the future.

As a business we pride ourselves on the transparency and frequency of our communication to you, however we’ll never rest on our laurels, and will therefore endeavour to increase this further by providing more feedback on the questions we ask you, but for now, this should now give you a flavour of the important role your feedback plays in shaping the business.