A BLESSING FOR US all during the month of ramadan

11 April 2022

Working during Ramadan’s a normal way of life for every employed Muslim (unless you’ve decided to take some annual leave). So, if this means life continues as normal, how can we spread the spirit of this blessed month at work and celebrate diversity? 

I’m grateful to be a part of a company that’s truly accommodating during this time. It’s where Fortus’ INCLUSIVE value really comes into its own, and being given the platform to raise awareness of what Ramadan is, and making space for its importance, shows a sensitivity to my individual journey. 

So, with that, let’s explore what Ramadan is…

Ramadan’s the ninth month of the Islamic calendar – the month in which Holy book Quran was first revealed.

It’s a month of spiritual awakening and purification which leads to becoming a better human being. Fasting starts from first ray of light until sunset. Day to day activities like eating and drinking are prohibited during the Fasting period and being able to have that self-control helps us build stronger willpower.

We as a family wake up in the early hours of the morning, have a healthy breakfast and start Fasting at quarter to 5. The Fast opens in the evening around quarter to 8. I always find Ramadan boosts my spiritual and physical energy and it helps me curb bad habits (Masala Chai/sugary drinks).

Some of the key health benefits of Fasting are:

  • Promotion of blood sugar control
  • Lower cholesterol level
  • Improved brain function
  • Weight loss management
  • Boosting metabolism

Ramadan’s a month of celebration and inclusivity. In Masjids and prominent places around the world, people volunteer to provide food in the mornings and evenings to everyone regardless of their faith, race or gender. It’s a month of opening up our hearts to humanity and the needs of others.

Ramadan’s also a month of charity. Every good deed is multiplied in virtues during this month. The concept of staying hungry is not only to have self control, but to understand the needs of other human beings. Islam teaches us to share and care for others – it’s not a matter of having a lavish feast at the end of the day but keeping things moderate and healthy along with looking out for people who are deserving and in need of our help.

This is the month where we donate generously, including Zakat (meaning purify), which is compulsory on all Muslims that hold a certain amount of assets. The rough estimate on this donation alone is well above £100 million during Ramadan to underprivileged and disadvantaged people.

For me personally, it’s a month of improving my relationship with my family as we share every meal together. It’s a month of self-reflection, cleansing my soul, understanding the meaning of life and connecting with others. This month can be hectic with late night prayers and early morning routines but I’m blessed to have flexibility at work to make all these things happen. The understanding amongst my Fortus colleagues to be respectful of my needs during this month makes me appreciate the culture we have within our organisation.

The understanding amongst my Fortus colleagues to be respectful of my needs during this month makes me appreciate the culture we have within our organisation.

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