23 March 2022




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Since day one, we’ve considered ourselves a people centric business – one that’s focused on our teams’ wellbeing. We’ve also been active in supporting others less fortunate than ourselves outside the business through charitable initiatives, organised either by third parties or our own people, both nationally and regionally.

Collectively, we’ve felt horrified and saddened by the images of the continuing conflict in eastern Europe.

The footage of the courage, shown by both Ukrainian people and those in Russia who are actively coming out onto the streets to show the conflict’s not in their name, has been powerful and incredibly moving. Added to this is the heartfelt humanitarianism and warmth shown by neighbouring European countries towards those fleeing from their homes and now crossing the borders in their hundreds of thousands.

At Fortus, we want to do our bit to help. And that’s what we’re doing.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen creative fundraising initiatives springing up across our 12 offices, driven and supported by our amazing team, so we can make a meaningful donation to key charities who are working tirelessly to support the millions of innocent victims of this conflict.

Our values of DISTINCTIVE, INCLUSIVE, VALUABLE and COURAGEOUS are really coming into their own at this greatest time of need for so many.

Click here to see some of our photos from all Fortus offices… (as you’ll see, we quite like our food!)

Here’s a snippet of Account Executive Joshua Sadler taking to the floor to complete an impressive 41 clap press-ups in a row. At £1 per press-up, Joshua’s efforts have raised a hefty sum as part of our Ukraine fundraising! Well done.

What could our £5k buy for those in need?

  • Over 500 packs of 80 nappies or…
  • Over 10,000 packs of Ibuprofen or…
  • 1,000 packs of 24 sanitary towels or…
  • 1,250 woollen blankets or…
  • 1,250 emergency shelters or…
  • 71 food & hygiene packs for a family of 4 for a month or…
  • 3 emergency medicine packs for 1,000 people for 3 months.

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