Our ForUS Board July Update

9 July 2021

This month, Bruce reflects on his experience so far, shares his highlights and gives insight into what he’d like to achieve, by being a part of this year’s FORUS Board cohort.

how have you found the Forus board so far?

It’s been a great experience thus far, it’s helped to give me an appreciation for the great work carried out across the business, which I think can sometimes be missed when everyone’s so busy with the ‘day job’. It’s certainly helped me to understand, and get excited about the projects within the three-year plan (3YP), and the huge effect these can have on our business, as well as getting to know the other Board members better, and sharing some of the challenges they see. Being part of the Board’s taken me out of my comfort zone of the HR world which, in my view, has helped me develop.


what does being on the forus board entail?

At the start of the process, the Executive (Exec) Board shared with us the 3YP and between us, we assigned ‘sub teams’ to projects which we’d support over our year in the role. We have a meeting every four weeks, in which we set an agenda with relevant topics for the month, as well as sharing updates on the projects we’re working on. The Exec Board have shared with us the business initiatives and policies they’re looking to implement, welcoming our opinions and continued support. The ultimate focus is helping the business to be successful, whilst also making sure it’s an enjoyable place to work.


what’s been the highlight of being a board member so far?

I’ve got two particular highlights, the first is seeing how we, as a Board, have formed a team and are working collaboratively to support the business. The second, was when I joined the Exec meeting and had the opportunity to ask the team questions, as well as providing them with an update for the key areas of focus for the ForUS board.


what do you want to achieve during your time on the boarD?

I’d really like to look back on my time on the Board, and know that, as well as supporting and making a difference through the 3YP that we’ve helped make Fortus an even better place to work, and represented my wider colleagues’ input and needs effectively. This is where I think other employees can help, by providing us with feedback on what they think the business is doing well, as well as areas where they feel there’s scope for improvement. The more feedback received, the more the business can tailor its support.


We actively encourage anyone who has any questions or wishes to bring any comments or thoughts to the Board’s attention. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.