Nigel Urquhart's 100 miles in may

14 July 2021

Back in May, I announced I was taking on the challenge of cycling 100 miles in May, to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK, with the proclamation of “So when you’re a young bloke, a medical examination’s fairly routine, but for us older lads it can be the start of a nasty journey. Could you make a small donation, to give that nasty journey a happy ending?”

The good news is, I achieved the 100 mile target. But the really good news is that the effort of cycling through what was mostly a wet and windy month of May, we’ve raised a grand total of £415.

To break my journey down, I achieved 60 miles on the mountain bike and 40 on the road bike with 26 miles being the longest ride (in the dry), in one go.

I’ve gained some happy memories of completing this challenge and raising some cash to make a difference, I also gained a not so happy memory of being bitten by a dog when entering Priory Park in Bedford!

Lastly, I’d like to say a big thank you to those who sponsored me. It was really appreciated and contributed to a massive £1,307,380.00 raised by cyclists across the nation, helping prevent some of those scary journeys that us old lads might face!