Empowering and Inspirational thoughts for #IWD2021

8 March 2021

With International Women’s Day upon us, we asked female members of our Fortus team to share their empowering and inspirational thoughts or advice they’d give to their younger self. Read what they had to say in their own words…

Lisa Malia, Business Support Assistant“Never apologise for being you, speak kindly to yourself and SAVE YOUR MONEY!”

Hayley Tait, Finance Manager “Don’t sacrifice who you are to please people. Wouldn’t you rather be a “hell yeah” to a smaller group of people, than a “meh” to a larger group? Be true, be kind, be strong.”

Michaela Patterson, New Business Development Manager – “A woman should be two things: who and what she wants – I’m a strong believer in how you carry yourself, what you accept and how determined you you are, will attract the same in return.”

Charlotte Hare, Accounts Manager – “Focus on improving your own opinion of yourself, rather than the opinions others have of you.”

Amy Viccars, Accounts Assistant Manager – “Think long term and never give up on what you love most – because what you think you want and is right for you now, will not be what you want or is right for you in 20 years’ time.”

Elaine Chillingsworth, Tax Assistant Manager – “Be kind to yourself, learn to love yourself and above all, don’t worry about things you can’t change.”

Charlotte Williams, Marketing Executive – “Embrace who you are, and don’t shy away from your quirks – You’ll never be ‘everyone’s cup of tea’, so why hide away your true person – EMBRACE IT!!!”

Lois Normington, Client Management & Engagement Co-ordinator – “Stay humble, always appreciate your parents and never stop believing in yourself.”

Emma Queen, Director – Tax – “Even though you’re being told you’re not allowed to play football or rugby at school, in the future, girls will be allowed and they will be brilliant because you kept pushing – so keep on pushing!”

Valeria Mironov, Company Secretarial Executive – “Everything that happens in your life is for a reason, and this is good for you. Love more and be loved, share positive thoughts and energy. Always smile because it’s contagious. Be happy and see any challenge as an opportunity to grow.”

Karina Viscusi, Marketing Executive – “Don’t grow old before your time. You have your whole life ahead of you, so just stop and enjoy the moment. Remember, you’re so much stronger than you know, however you don’t need to tackle this world alone.”

Laura O’Regan, Manager – “Always trust the timing of your life and say yes to every opportunity, even if it scares you.”

Gabby Witek, Finance Executive – “Start travelling – you’ll see more beautiful places sooner!”

Sara Meekins, Finance Executive – “If you’re thinking of doing something, go ahead and do it. I missed chances in the past by not having enough confidence in myself for putting myself forward for promotion. If you want to move forward, then let people know about it – don’t keep your skills and talents hidden under your hat! Go and talk to people, as it’s surprising how willing they are to guide you in the right direction, even if a move’s not the right thing to do now, but would be something to look at in the future.”

Jill Mills, Accounts Senior  “It’s not the material things in life that brings the greatest happiness, it’s the love, friendship and experiences with others that does.”

Sharon Clipperton, Director – “Don’t ever doubt your ability, take a deep breath and do it, and remember that persistence beats resistance.”

Rebecca Sawyer, Creative Designer – “Be un-apologetic! Never change yourself to suit someone else.”

Gemma Rutland, Accounts Executive – “The destination you want to end up at will change – don’t pin all your hopes on one route, because you’ll have a hell of a journey getting to where you end up, with plenty of laughs, mischief and memories along the way.”

Katherine Ryan, Business Support Assistant – “Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up.”

Carly Liston, Director – “Life’s an adventure – take risks.”

Becca Cope, Manager – “Be free. You are the only you, and that’s all you need to succeed.”

Emma Jones, Director – Head of Audit – “You can be whatever you want to be, you don’t need to follow historical rules of society on gender stereotypes that are no longer relevant to today and future generations. Be brave and believe in yourself.”

Johanne Taylor, HR Assistant – “Let it go… and smile. Those who deserve your smile, will smile back. Continue to believe that you can be whoever you want to be – the only one in control of your actions is you. Whatever happens beyond your control, only you have the power to control whatever your reaction will be.”

Angela Taylor, Manager – “Enjoy the day, whatever it brings, and smile. It influences how you’ll feel about all you achieve.”

Irene Dymond, Property Consultant – “Don’t try to change who you are in an effort to imitate people you consider successful. We’re all different and our own unique style and personality will help us succeed through hard work and determination”.

Peppy Waldock, Operations Manager – Service Charge – “Be kind to yourself, you are smarter than you realise.”

Alexandra Marriott, Director – Head of HR – “Don’t try to do everything – find a mentor to solve big challenges and outsource personal chores to protect your free time for fun, health and family. You don’t need to be a ‘hero’ and do it all – there are no medals for it!”

Kat Hill, R&D Assistant Manager – “You’re not expected to know or do everything, ask for help when you need it.”

Lauren Upton, Accounts Senior – “A decision made in the present, is not a decision you have to uphold for life. Make the decision that feels right at the time, regardless of uncertainty surrounding future outcomes.”

Jessica Whitmore, Audit Manager – “You can have it all, just not all at once. Focus on one thing at a time.”

Rachel Horsley, Accounts Assistant – “Believe in yourself, you can do it.”

Sukhy Attwal, Tax Manager – “Believe in your inner strength and dream big!”

Rebecca Fitzsimons, Credit Controller – “You can’t please everyone, so do whatever makes you happy. So many of us are too focused on living up to other people’s standards!”

Emma Hollings, Business Support Executive – “Don’t let anybody change who you truly are!”

Irfana Dossani, Business Support Assistant Manager – “Don’t let failure get you down. Look for the learning opportunity in every bad situation.”

Jennifer McGee, Tax Administrator – “Be comfortable in your own skin. Be the best you can be. Own it and rock it, whatever ‘it’ is.”

Sally Winham, Director – “Surround yourself with positive people, believe in yourself and follow your dreams.”

Debbie Ince, Director – Tax – “Don’t take anything for granted, enjoy what you have and do. Life can change when you least expect it.”

Stacey Connor, Business Operations Manager – “Don’t compare yourself to others.”

Vicki Watson, People Manager – “Regret the things you do, rather than the things you don’t do. You can achieve whatever you want to, if you put your mind to it.”

Lisa Kingham, Business Support Senior – “Take school and learning more seriously, and always give 100% – don’t bunk off lessons! Listen to the careers advice given, and don’t get cornered into a job you don’t want, follow the career you want instead.”

Andrea Liburd, R&D Technical Analyst – “I’m more than my outcomes. The journey matters so celebrate all progress along the way.”

Becky Norman, Audit Manager – “Be yourself, believe in yourself, love yourself and never forget how capable you are!”

Emily Stewart, R&D Project Co-Ordinator – “Make decisions for you. You’ll learn and grow from every failure, so take the risk!”

To find out more about International Women’s Day and this year’s theme of “#ChoosetoChallenge”, visit their website here today.