International Day of Friendship

1 August 2022


Best friends, long distance friends, work friends, childhood friends, or even temporary friends. There are so many different ways we all experience friendships.

Saturday 30th July marked ‘International Day of Friendship‘, and as a Brand & Creative team we thought it’d be good to ask the whole business just one question:


“what does friendship mean to you, and why’s it important?”


So, what did everyone have to say?


Antonia Aldridge-Brown

– Senior Audit Manager

“Friendship, especially since motherhood, is having that person at the end of a Whatsapp text at 3am and the solidarity this brings. It’s also the people with whom you can be your true self, with no need for embellishments or filters.”


Joseph lau

– Business Analyst

“It’s a support network of trusted people to help each other out. Often synergies can be achieved which would otherwise cost more resource.

Close friends also help each other with mental health.”



– Accounts Manager

“Friendship to me is being reliable, respected and trusted. Without all three, a friendship can be very one sided or become toxic over time.

The levels of friendship can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the amount of effort each party is willing to invest, no amount is right or wrong as long as it’s understood and accepted by both parties.”


jodie fardoe

– Senior Copywriter

“Friendship to me is about being ‘real’ – there’s no feeling of treading on eggshells as a true friend tells me how it is without fear of hurting my feelings. No matter how busy life gets, a friend’s always there, and despite personal flaws, will always have my back. And most importantly, friendship is laughter – you know, the ‘laugh so hard you vibrate and clap your hands like a seal’ type of laughter. Maybe that’s just me…”


Louise mcgowan

– Tax Manager

“Everything, my friends are my family.  Support, no judgement, honesty, laughs and lots of love.”


richard roberts

– Associate Director

“We’re all so busy with work, family and day to day life. Sometimes weeks, months or even years can fly by without seeing or even speaking to some friends, even really close ones – well, at least it’s been that way for me.

When my wife passed away last year, the time and distance away from my friends was totally irrelevant, they were all there to listen, support and help get me through the most awful, devastating period of my life and still are.  I have kids, so I had to cope with the loss no matter what, but my friends made each and every day that little bit better.  It’s made me realise more than ever what a special bunch of people my close friends are.  All of the little things: a phone call, a night out or just a little distraction from everything else that’s going on have meant so much to me over the last few months. I can’t adequately put it into words, but as I type this, I can feel myself tearing up, which I think shows exactly how much my friends mean to me.

I can never repay them, nor would they ever want me to, but I hope I can always be the first in line to support them in their times of need, to celebrate the great things they achieve and for everything in between.  I love my friends, they are and always will be family to me, which is exactly how I would define a true friendship.”


Johanne Taylor

– HR Assistant

“As far as true friendships go for me it’s knowing someone’s in your corner, has your back and loves you warts and all. Someone you can share your feelings with who won’t judge but will tell you if you’re out of line.

It’s important for me to have a friend who keeps it real.”


Sukhy Attwal

– Tax Senior

“For me friendship’s very important. I’ve friends who are genuine, caring, fun company, challenge me, are there during my lows and supportive on my highs. Friendship’s honestly enable me to have my political debates, express my opinions freely and being able to listen to criticism.

I value and treasure my friendships.”


Rukaiya Tarki

– Audit Senior

“I think a friend’s someone I can trust, and listens without judgement. It’s so important having these people who you can turn to when you’re feeling down and manage to make things feel better.”


Chris Dell

– Head of Brand & Creative

“Friendship for me is about celebrating, commiserating, encouraging and supporting people who you’ve an emotional connection with and a genuine affinity with.

Life’s more memorable, enriched and meaningful when experienced with others you’re really connected to, interested in and genuinely care about.”


Gemma Rutland

– Accounts Senior

“Friendship to me means support, through the highs and the lows and above all else, laughter. Nothing beats a pick-me-up more than belly-laughing until your sides hurt and you can’t see, with tears streaming down your face like a stupid joke among friends – that if anyone else asked, you wouldn’t even be able to explain the logic behind why it’s so funny.

It’s important to take those moments of unbridled joy that cannot be replicated, but will always bring a smirk to your face if a certain word or phrase is mentioned. Life can be really lonely and quiet without that kind of support around you.”


Roy Clipson

– Inbound Sales Executive

“Friendship for me is about being there through the highs and lows of life.

Supporting and loving each other through the good and bad.

Celebrating the wins, but also supporting friends in tough times.

It’s a group of people that genuinely connect that can create memories.”


Carly Liston

– Executive Director

“A friend’s an irreplaceable person who means the world to you, someone who’s by your side throughout all of life’s ups and downs no matter their own troubles, a person that accepts your weirdness and loves you unconditionally, someone who laughs and cries with you.

Friendship’s so important to me. It brings happiness into our lives, provides comfort and prevents loneliness. I’m always happy when I’m with my friends and they’re the people who pick me up when I’m down.”


Hayley Tait

– Finance Manager

“Your true friends are your chosen family. The people who know you inside and out, pass no judgement, but also don’t take your cr*p! They’re your rock when you’re having a hard time, your celebration buddies when things are going great, and your ultimate cheerleader.”


Tom Dovaston

– Accounts Assistant

It’s the personal connection I have with someone else. It’s something that stands the test of time, unfortunate events and misunderstandings.

Friendship’s important in life because a good friend can provide a feeling of connection, happiness and self-worth.”

It’s clear to see that our team all value very similar things from friendships: trust, honesty, and showing up when needed.

For me, friendship means a variety of things. Friendships are had with friends you only want the best for, and they feel the same for you. You support each other through all scenarios (even ones you don’t agree with), and show up for them no matter what. A true friendship is despite your friends experiencing so many amazing successes that you also wish for, your first thought is to do nothing but celebrate with them and feel so happy and proud of them – rather than feelings of jealousy.

I’d definitely be lost without my friends, and although most of mine don’t live close to me it’s definitely a testament to how strong our bonds are and how we make the most of our time together when we’re reunited!

Friendships can form out of the most unusual circumstances, but the best and closest friendships are worth cherishing.

What better way to end a blog than to have a quote from one of the world’s most famous, and oldest, character series which encapsulates friendship the most…

“A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside."

Winnie the Pooh