Getting to know James Reynolds

25 September 2020

From superpowers and time travel to the perfect day and favourite songs, get to know more about James now, as we play ’21 questions’…

1. In 40 words or less, describe your role at Fortus

As an apprentice, I’m constantly learning and completing different tasks. Currently, my main focus is on completing Tax Returns, Sole Trader Accounts, VAT returns and bookkeeping on Xero for a diverse range of clients.


2. Which Fortus value resonates most with you and why?

Courage – I’m not afraid of trying something new and I like to get stuck in with whatever task I’m asked to do.


3. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

My phone. It’s the first thing I check in the morning and last thing I look at before going to bed!


4. What’s on your playlist right now?

Oasis – Whatever. Heard it on the radio a few weeks ago and really liked the tune.


5. What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?

The Last Dance. I heard people talking about it on a podcast I listen to, so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s a good series and I’d certainly recommend it!


6. Best book you’ve ever read?

‘I Partridge, We need to talk about Alan by Alan Partridge’. I didn’t actually read it but listened to the audiobook. Very funny!


7. If you could time warp yourself to any point in history when would it be, who would you hang out with?

I think I’d go into the future. It’d be great to see how much has changed with new technologies. I’d also like to meet myself and family to see if we’ve changed much.


8. What superpower would you want and why?

To be able to fly. I think it’d be a cool way of travelling and a great way of seeing the world.


9. What’s your biggest inspiration?

Seeing other people around me achieve and overcome their problems. It inspires me to do the same.


10. What’s on your bucket list?

To own a racing car and be able to race it properly too!


11. If you could live in a foreign country, where would it be?

I don’t think it counts as actually being ‘foreign’ but I’d live in Scotland. I think it’s an amazing place with great scenery.


12. Describe your perfect day?

I’d spend the morning mountain biking around a Scottish forest. Cycling under the trees in the fresh air, with great views across a valley with the hills in the background. To me, it would be a great start to the day.

For lunch, I’d have a roast dinner – with lots of roast potatoes and plenty of gravy!

In the afternoon, I’d chill and watch the F1. For me, a perfect day would consist of exciting races with lots of on track action!

To finish the day, I’d relax at home and put on a great movie to watch.