Getting to know Gemma Warren

26 November 2021

From Robbie Williams and The Crown to Scouse roots, Chocolate and Australia – get to know more about Gemma now…

1. In 40 words or less, describe your role at Fortus.

As Marketing Manager, I’m part of the team which communicates what we offer at Fortus and why businesses would want to work with us. This ranges from social media, documents and proposals to anything client or market facing!


2. Which of our Fortus values resonates most with you and why?

VALUABLE – We all play our part in adding value to the world around us. Whether that’s directly related to our client work, or to the society and local community we live in, everyone’s role is important, and everyone can be valuable.


3. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Probably chocolate! I do have a sweet tooth. But, I tend to find something I really like, then eat so much of it I get a bit bored of it. First world problems, eh!


4. What’s on your playlist right now?

“What we did last summer” which was Robbie Williams’ live performance at Knebworth in 2003. I was there on the Sunday – great memories!


5. What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?

I’m currently watching The Crown. I’d say I’m a late adopter when it comes to popular TV shows. I started watching it after Prince Philip died (that sounds awful!). I’ll probably get onto Line of Duty in a few years’ time…


6. Best book you’ve ever read?

Any travel guide when I’m out exploring somewhere new. It’s nice to understand the history behind places I’m visiting – and discover hidden gems for food and drink!


7. If you could time warp yourself to any point in history, when would it be, who would you hang out with?

I’d go back to my Scouse roots and live it up in the 1960s. I love that era of music – it’d be great to experience it first-hand.


8. What superpower would you want and why?

The one where my 4 year old son actually listens to me, to avoid the drama we experience most mornings and at bedtime!


9. What’s your biggest inspiration?

It’s a cheesy answer, but it’s my mum. She’s been my biggest cheerleader and has pushed me through education and my career. She passed away quite suddenly in January 2019, as a result of contracting sepsis. It did come to light that there were some underlying health issues and she was truly living each day as if it were her last. The week before she died, she was in her favourite hotel in her favourite holiday spot. I always say that when my mum died, she broke my heart and kicked my arse at the same time. Life’s about living, and anything that doesn’t bring me and my family happiness, doesn’t get a look in.


10. What’s on your bucket list?

So many places! Canada and South America have always been on the list. Las Vegas is probably coming before then to celebrate my next big birthday!


11. If you could live in a foreign country, where would it be?

West Coast of Australia. I met my husband when we were ‘skint’ travellers in Perth and the lifestyle over there’s just amazing. It’s just the distance from family in the UK that holds us back. We’ll revisit one day and take our son with us to ‘where it all began’.


12. Describe your perfect day?

It’d have to involve time at a spa being pampered, afternoon tea, and drinking-in-the-sunshine-on-holiday vibes!