The FORUS Board Blog Update

1 August 2022


Following internal discussions, planning, designing and implementing, your FORUS Suggestion Boxes have arrived!

What are they?

These are locked feedback boxes located in each of the offices, allowing you to pop in your suggestions and feedback on both a local and national level. These can be either anonymised or named, which if the latter, will allow us to provide direct feedback to you on your suggestions.


In every single office!

How often will the suggestions be reviewed?

They’ll be reviewed once a month by the office sponsor, a head of department or the FORUS Board. Your say will not go unnoticed, your feedback is VALUABLE to us.

What did the process entail?

1) Idea – The idea was proposed during our first FORUS board meeting by the team where we put our heads together on the designs, costings and practicalities.

2) Design – The plan was circulated to the Creative team, who developed several blueprints and box sizes.

3) Approval – Once finalised, the design and cost plans were put forward to the Senior Team for approval.

4) Ordered – Orders were placed for both the boxes and stickers for assembly to begin.

5) Implementation – Final boxes were assembled, and are now in your local office!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and being the voice for you all!