My journey from HJS to Fortus

13 July 2021

Four months ago, HJS Recovery joined the Fortus family and became Fortus Recovery. I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground since!

I’ve been lucky enough to have visited the offices in Leicester, Milton Keynes, Northampton (twice), Scarborough, and York! Along with meeting many of the Fortus team. I’m being totally honest and sincere when I say that I’ve been met with positivity and a friendly face, wherever I’ve travelled to.

Why have I been on a ‘UK tour’ of our offices? Primarily, it’s been to get out to as many people as possible, and to start building connections. Together with Matt Hoy, we wanted to introduce ourselves and bring to life, what it is that we do, and who we can do that for – given we operate in a highly regulated industry. Never has the financial future of your clients been more important. Our industry does have a reputation akin to the ‘grim reaper’ whereas, the reality is a lot of our work helps businesses to recover and move forward. It’s all about the timing. The earlier the team’s involved, the more we can help.

In addition to my extensive travels, I’ve been welcoming people to our new home in Southampton. I’m Southampton ‘born and bred’ and extremely proud of my home city. The location of our office is in a Marina, in the heart of the city – a beautiful area (which I’m often posting about on LinkedIn!) I was so surprised to hear Amy Viccars state she’d never seen a cruise ship! Most of the ‘Queens’ are docked up, really close to the office, and you can often hear boat horns when they sail away. I’d love the opportunity to show you around, so, please get in touch if you’re visiting and I’ll show you all the best places!

On a personal level, being part of Fortus is exciting. The future is as bright as the Orello in the branding! Hearing the three-year plan (3YP) presentation, was a standout moment for me – I was introduced to Simon Sinek years ago, and have been working with “The Why” in mind ever since. Chris Timms’ presentation reminded me of his Ted Talk, and I was pleased with the opportunity to revisit the philosophy. I’m really impressed with the clear communication I’m seeing from the senior leadership. It’s refreshing and has massively helped and supported my colleagues and I in Recovery, to quickly feel a part of the wider team.

So, what’s next for this ever-busy BDM (Business Development Manager)? I’m looking forward to working closely with my new colleagues, both locally and nationally, and playing my part in helping to deliver our ambitious growth plans.


If we’re not connected on LinkedIn yet, do send me a connection request. The platform’s a great way to learn about new things, make great connections and build relationships. I’m sure I’ll see you all very soon!