The balance of Studying while working

19 March 2021

Initially, I joined the business on a years’ placement, before officially joining the Property team after graduating from University in 2019. Since coming back, like many people around the world, I’ve worked through some pretty strange and uncertain times, to say the least.

While there’s been significant changes to the way of working, one thing that’s remained a constant for me, is the Master’s degree I’m studying for. I’m incredibly grateful the business decided to invest in me, by sponsoring my studies with the University College of Estate Management on a Masters Real Estate degree.

work-life balance

Most people define the importance of a healthy work-life balance as successfully managing the equilibrium of your personal and professional life – something many also deem invaluable. Achieving your version of this balance will be beneficial for your mental and physical wellbeing, which is particularly relevant today, given the extremely difficult times we’re facing due to the global pandemic. Over the past year and a half, I’ve found maintaining this balance while working and studying simultaneously, can be difficult at the best of times.

The most challenging aspects of obtaining this equilibrium was trying to not compromise my experience at work or university, whilst effectively managing my time to successfully meet any deadlines given. Although it’s definitely possible to work full-time and study, I’ve found the demands of both were on occasion competing for my time – there were points where I’d feel I was having to put too much of my mental and physical energy into this sometimes, uneasy arrangement.

‘master’ing the route

Despite being demanding at times, the experience has already given me extensive insight into my professional area of interest – the Built Environment. Along with a great deal about myself, and how I manage my own time and stress levels. One significant benefit I’ve identified’s, how I apply my learning from both work and study to one another. I’ve been able to vastly increase my performance in each aspect.

By venturing down this route, I’ve worked towards my professional qualifications much faster than I’d otherwise have done. I’m currently working towards obtaining membership as a Chartered Surveyor, with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Choosing to study for a Master’s degree whilst working’s reduced the time taken to achieve my membership by a number of years, and I’m still able to earn and develop my career. As I’m fast approaching the end, I can reflect back and honestly say it’s definitely been a challenging, but completely worthwhile experience.


I can appreciate the route I’ve taken isn’t something everyone would choose, but for those in a similar situation, looking to gain greater insight into their chosen profession or seeking personal and career development, I’d say go for it!