Ashwin Kagdadia's Sponsored SLIMATHON

11 December 2020

At the start of the year, I finally decided it was time to lose some weight, improve my fitness and become overall healthier. I thought to myself, why not raise some money for charity along the way, and this is how the ‘sponsored slimathon’ was born. The donations and proceeds will go to my chosen charities; 1/3 to Masonic Causes, 1/3 to Cancer Charity and 1/3 to Heart Foundation.

Starting in January 2020 at 244lbs (110.8 kg), I began my journey to becoming a ‘new me’ with a target of losing 20 lbs (9kg) by the end of September. I’m pleased to say by the 30th of September I’d lost a total of 40lbs (18kg) – double my intended target!

The process was very logical and methodical:

  1. Never go hungry
  2. Carefully create and make dishes that are healthy but tasty and low in calorific value
  3. Lose more calories than you eat
  4. See your body as a calorie bank account and spend more than you deposit

Result loss of weight – single minded determination, vision and the confidence to get there – most say “yes it can be done” – I had the confidence and conviction to know that I can do it – that’s the difference in saying and doing. This mindset’s come from the education in the ‘University of Life’ where my guru and professor was my late father.

I sincerely thank those who sponsored my weight loss for the kind and generous donations. The funds will be gratefully received and faithfully applied to the named charities.

If anyone still wishes to support this wonderful cause, please send me your pledge and contact details. I’ll send you details to make a payment. I’ve already raised £2495!

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I wish everyone a happy Christmas, a prosperous new year and the health to enjoy.

Ashwin's before and after