Why should businesses use E-pay Slips?

11 March 2020

The most important part of pay day is ensuring that every employee receives a payslip either on this date or a few days before.

Moving forward with the times where our day to day lives revolve around technology rather than traditional paper methods, E-Payslips are an environmentally-friendly alternative, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Lots of businesses are turning to this method as it’s a very simple process which also helps reduce payroll duties.

benefits of e-Payslips for employers

  1. It’s an extremely efficient way of delivering payslips directly to each employee.
  2. It’s not just payslips that can be uploaded; auto enrollment letters and P60’s are also available.
  3. It’s more cost effective and cheaper than production, processing and postage charges.
  4. Employees can access their payslips and other documentation at any time.


benefits of e-Payslips for employees

  1. Safe and secure access to sensitive information every pay day.
  2. All documentation can be accessed at any time of the day, at any location on any internet accessible device.
  3. All historical information can also be accessed as all payslips are divided into the individual tax years.
  4. Knowing that all information is secure due to having your own personal login details.

How do I use e-Payslips?

E-Payslips is a very easy tool to use. When you receive your first email from the portal, this will include the registration details. Each employee will then create a username and password individual to them which will then be used to access all documents moving forward.

We use E-pay slips within Fortus and can share our experience of this with you.


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