R&D's still working - are you missing out?

29 April 2021

So, British industry’s still ticking over, hidden in the shadow of the ‘main player’ for 2020-21. COVID-19’s the headline grabber, the subject close to everyone’s hearts and certainly not for a joyous reason. It’s kept us from our friends and family, and also limited many business’ opportunities for progression and growth. It’s halted numerous projects and ideas as businesses have ‘battened down the hatches’, however, despite this, others have thrived and taken the time to ‘get their thinking caps on’.

Has R&D been Furloughed?

The good news is that the R&D Tax Credits scheme’s still operating and our Innovation Funding team continue to talk to innovators across the UK, helping them unlock much needed funding in these ongoing, extraordinary times.

Whilst you’ll never beat a face to face meeting, the team’s continued to support UK businesses, through Zoom, Teams and every other video conferencing software you could name, which means your company doesn’t have to lose out on potential funding, at a time where it’s greatly welcomed, and in some cases, a lifeline to businesses.

Over £10 billion of R&D Tax Credits have been secured since the start of 2017 – Our Innovation Team at Fortus will help you to claim what’s rightly yours.

how can you get a much needed injection?

Not of the physical kind, which could be painful. Instead, a short conversation with our technical analysts could quickly help establish what claim could be due to you.

All you need to do is tell us about all the work the business has undertaken in recent months (or even 2 years prior to your year end), including the challenging jobs you’ve taken time to resolve and the new discoveries you’ve made. We’ll then be able to tell you if you qualify for R&D Tax Credits

If your claim’s successful, R&D can be seen as a hero within your business.

We appreciate you’re busy and have a business to run, but don’t worry, the whole claim process is fully managed by our team comprised of Industry and Accountancy Experts who will guide you through to an effective and efficient submission to HMRC.

Why not take this as a much needed prompt to speak to our team today, and see what funding your business may be entitled to? Call us on 01904 211637, or email our team today.