On the move; Peterborough ‘Get it Together'

15 October 2020

We’re delighted to confirm we’ve now secured an extended lease on our Peterborough office in Hampton, which grants us whole office occupation on both the ground and first floor. 

This now allows us to merge the two existing Peterborough offices into one location as soon as possible, with a realistic move date in November or December.

Currently, the East region has an office in Huntingdon and two in Peterborough, based in Hampton and on Park Road. This follows the consolidation of the Peterborough City and Peterborough West offices in October 2019, and then the acquisition of the Hampton office (Winham Hughes) in April 2020.

Earlier this year, we were advised the first floor tenant in Hampton would be moving out, and took the opportunity to speak to the landlord about joining our teams together in the one building. The Hampton office is located south of Peterborough, close to local shops and restaurants and with a strong link via the A1(M), to our Huntingdon office in particular.

The move will bring together all three teams from all acquisitions to date in Peterborough, all having been through the process of moving to the hosted platform, IRIS and systemising common workflow and practices. It’s both a timely and very welcome move to connect everyone together, physically, to benefit from closer working relationships and efficiencies – COVID allowing! We’ll retain the Peterborough City office for the short to medium term with a minimal presence to aid the transition of our clients to the new location.

We’re now working on the final refit of the building as a whole, adopting an open plan client area on the ground floor, with additional meeting space and an open area for our teams to work on the first floor.

Exciting times ahead!