Is now the time to Sharpen the toolkit?

24 May 2021

Having worked in business development with construction businesses for over 30 years, I can safely say the past 12 months or so have been the most significant game changer.

The social side of business through networking, conferences and company functions has been challenged significantly through the loss of direct personal contact; something I’ve definitely missed greatly.

What I’m seeing more of however is horizon scanning in the sector; with businesses owners taking a more systematic examination of information and data to identify upcoming threats and opportunities in the sector to ensure their businesses are best placed to deal with these in the longer term.

What this means in practice is having a business model that’s agile in a changing world, analysing data more effectively including your own businesses performance and getting positioned in the market with new services and value propositions which meet the needs of emerging markets and trends. One such area being the opportunities that lie within the green economy.

An independent assessment of your business model is the first of seven modules of our business development audit where we assess the performance of your business development activities and identify where attention’s needed.

Questions to ask yourself…

  • Can you succinctly describe your business model?
  • Is it sustainable in its current format?
  • Does your business model bring new insight into clients’ challenges?

These are just some of the areas we cover off in the first module.

As we head towards a blended way of working in terms of remaining in the virtual world and returning to face-to-face contact, sharpening the business development toolkit needs to be done right now to ensure its aligned and supports your overall business strategy.

Like all toolkits, some tools will simply need sharpening, others may be obsolete, and new ones will need to be created to meet future customer requirements. We’d be delighted to have a chat to understand more about your business and carry out an ‘audit’ on your business development plan with the aim of helping you to focus on the key decisions you need to make, to secure your future by design, not by accident.

We start this process with a free scoping call to assess your situation in readiness for a more detailed examination of challenges you face and new opportunities you want to benefit from. So if you’re ready to up your game, and plan your future pipelines, please get in touch 01604 273782 or connect with me to talk about your business development toolkit audit.