28 October 2020

Like many businesses up and down the UK, and indeed globally, our priority throughout this pandemic to date’s been the safety of our people, our clients, their families and the communities in which they operate.

The Fortus team responded quickly as the situation evolved both for our people and for our clients. Specifically, for our clients, our COVID-19 Hub gave them, and continues to provide them with access to expert insights into critical business issues, as well as shared resources to help them navigate through the pandemic.

Returning to the office and client sites

In line with both local and national guidelines, where possible, our teams began to return to our offices in late summer. Social distancing continues to significantly reduce the capacity by around 50%, so we’ve also invested strongly in our infrastructure to ensure all locations are COVID secure for both our team and visiting clients.

Many of our Fortus people continue to operate between home and office locations, taking advantage of our Agile Working arrangements, which were already in place prior to COVID rearing its ugly head. This has always been part of our wider strategic plan to introduce remote working with flexibility. We expect this to continue both now and well into the future.

Whilst in the office, we’ve taken steps to ensure our team can operate safely:

  • Each office has been subject to a detailed health & safety assessment prior to them formally reopening and this assessment’s performed regularly.
  • Every member of the team’s asked to risk assess their own personal situation and take relevant action where needed. Offices have and will continue to respond accordingly if there’s a threat of infection.
  • Social distancing measures remain in place. This means restrictions on the number of people present in an office at any one time, and there are restrictions on certain spaces within the offices.
  • Regular routine and deep cleaning measures are in place.
  • Sanitising stations are provided throughout the building.
  • Face coverings are required by visitors to the office – PPE’s provided where visitors are unable to provide their own.

We’re aware some of our offices are located in areas of higher concern and as such, are subject to additional local restrictions. Where this is the case, alternative arrangements have been made to ensure we maintain continuity of service to our clients.

The safety of both our people and our clients is just as important whilst attending their premises, as it is our own. An assessment’s made on a case by case basis, both with the individuals themselves and our clients prior to any external visits. This is to ensure all parties are comfortable with the arrangements and suitable assessments and safeguards are in place.

The overriding message to both our team and our clients is that we’re open for business, and are continually supporting them through this period of great uncertainty. We’re confident we’ve taken the right measures to ensure we remain adaptable to the ever-changing circumstances; and are fortunate enough to operate a business which can offer this level of flexibility.