The essentials of business - Being courageous

10 June 2020

You wouldn’t think being in fabrication was a glamorous job. But there are days when I drive past one of our creations – like the structure at the Olympic Park – and find myself thinking how amazing it is that we took some flat metal and made it into something so beautiful and iconic.

I started out as a mechanic, but I’m a control freak with a tremendous work ethic, so it was perhaps inevitable that I’d run my own business one day. The only question is where am i going to take my business next?

Looking to the future

That’s a part of my job that’s truly exciting. When I look to the future and dream about what Interkey could become – with some imagination and a little risk-taking.

I’m already seeing the benefits of this approach. I love surprising clients with innovative ideas that help them take their project to the next level. For instance, we’ve begun to build our in-house design team. It’s allowed us to add value to clients, through rendering images depicting how a fabrication will look using digital 3D scanner technology.

What’s next?

We’re now looking at making the most of this ability to surprise and delight by selling in other turnkey contract services, and it’s taken the business in a whole new direction.

There are a lot of risks in taking on a new journey. But with Fortus at my side, I know I have the expert support and knowledge I need as a business owner to take well-informed and considered risks to deliver on my ambition.