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Hearts & minds

Fortus was created within the minds of our leadership team. A strategic move that subsequently developed further through the hearts and minds of our people from within the business.

Building a wider team

Firstly, we started by finding talented individuals, then we discovered the opportunity, before moving on to engage our wider team and then taking the courageous step into a market we’d lived and breathed for decades and where we can now compete for clients at the top of our game.

Fortus is led and managed by an inclusive group of individuals with a breadth and depth of expertise and across a variety of sectors.

Unsurprisingly, and as a result of our time in previous businesses, we’re strongly represented in the professional services sector, however we’re now even stronger as our extended team have depth in creativity, risk, property & asset management, communications, marketing, talent development, technology and banking.

Having been a key part of a top 20 accountancy firm for more than a decade during which strong relationships were established and ‘big’ ideas discussed – it was the creative and entrepreneurial minds around our management table that were keen to explore opportunities to create a new business and a powerful new brand. A new firm of business advisors & accountants that had the freedom to explore a UK wide market providing advisory services to business owners in a unique way.

Tackling challenges and pushing boundaries

As a result, we’ve spent years honing our skills, moulding and developing our business, through detailed planning, shared experience and most importantly, listening to our clients. And that’s why Fortus exists today.

Of course, like many businesses, we’ve had our own challenges and times where we’ve had to reflect on the speed of change, maintaining pace with the industry and ensuring it was the right time for our team and that they were with us all the way. We reflected on and reshaped our services such that we could compete where we’re strong, engaged and collaborated where required, tested and then implemented. We continue to do all this today as Fortus and we always put our clients and our people first, recognising that we need both, in equal parts in order to make our business great.

Yes, we play by the rules, that’s a given in our industry, but we like to positively push the boundaries in what we do and what our clients do and achieve.

Driving forward

Our strategy has always been and still is, not to hesitate, but to drive forward – we’re never afraid to invest in the business in order to deliver longer term sustainability and specialist thinking and advice.


Empowering people

Today, as Fortus we have an ambitious, creative, experienced and dynamic leadership team who challenge the traditional thought processes of a historical accountancy partner model. A team that’s growing – with people empowered to make their own decisions yet with the unwavering help and support of the rest of the team.

Relationships are at the heart of what we do

Continuing to develop relationships with like-minded advisory & accountancy businesses and individuals is key to our future and takes the form of a targeted, active balance of acquisition and organic growth – This strategy enables us to continue to develop new ways of thinking and a distinctive approach, built around the strength of the people and organisations that will join Fortus in the future and we know from experience, that one business structure and an inclusive culture’s crucial for our people and clients to truly thrive in the future.

We’re an owner managed business ourselves, with real people that support and develop real world businesses. Our structure as Fortus, is now fitting of an organised and growing business. That said, we’ll never stray far from the informal, relaxed approach our teams and clients have told us they love.

Our client relationships today are still very much about personal chemistry and close bonds, but now our model extends those relationships further including a wider team of Fortus specialists. A team that works together to support, share knowledge and advise business owners across all areas of their business.

Knowledge, strength and courage

We’ve taken our learnings from the past to create a business for today with distinction and value in respect of our people and our clients. A brand that’s lead by business owners and one that has the freedom, knowledge, strength and courage to deliver on the ambitions of both our own people and most importantly our clients.

“We continue to develop new ways of thinking and a distinctive approach, built around the strength of people"

One team many talents

We’re supporting more and more of the UK’s ambitious business owners and it’s a genuine team effort. We’re helping business leaders make courageous decisions to grow their businesses and we’re doing the same with ours. Want to find out more about the people behind Fortus?

Fortus people

Want to achieve more for your business

Our proposition isn’t based on how big your business is or what sector you’re in. It’s about your mindset as a business owner. If you have the desire to achieve more, keep learning and to make brave decisions to drive your business forward, regardless of the size of your business, we can support you and your ambitions.

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We build great business relationships and that’s down to our people. We’ve got a huge variety of skills and talent at Fortus, but we also have fun along the way!

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“We positively push the boundaries in what we do and what our clients do and achieve"

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