Craig Herbert Chief Executive Officer

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As Chief Executive Officer for Fortus and a member of the Board, my time’s spent focusing on strategic development and growth of the business regionally and nationally.

My career began with HMRC and I’ve since accumulated over 20 years’ experience in the sector – the last 10 at board level, developing and implementing strategic business decisions relating to growth. Culture, values and people are vital ingredients for any businesses to succeed, and I’m passionate about building an exceptional team of people within our organisation who can help our clients achieve their own definition of success.

Born and raised in Yorkshire, a strong work ethic is in my blood. However, I regularly take time out to spend with my wife and two young children. Family and friends are a fundamental part of my physical and mental wellbeing. Whilst I also spend plenty of time trying to make the gym a hobby, there’s no denying my real hobby is being in business and being able to have an impact on the future.

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“Helping our clients make decisions at the right time and for the right reasons, is what we do best”