Free Mortgage Advice For US from DWIFA

10 June 2021

On 1 December 2020, we launched our partnership with David Williams IFA (DWIFA), to work with them as the preferred mortgage advisor for our clients.

To date, we’ve made approximately 70 referrals supporting our clients, and adding to the growing range of solutions we can provide. The referral process also generates an income stream for our internal teams, if the mortgage advice is taken.

Our arrangement with DWIFA’s deliberately simple. If you see an opportunity to help a client who’s looking to renew their mortgage, then please send a quick email to Chris Peck, using, and include a summary of details for the referral to be logged by Chris and his team, to then take up the opportunity. For all successful conversions made by DWIFA, an internal commission’s paid to the individual who makes the referral. This is calculated as 10% of any income generated up to £100 per time. These incentive payments are made quarterly in our internal payroll.

As part of our new partnership with DWIFA, we also all have access to free personal mortgage advice. In fact, anyone who uses DWIFA for their mortgage renewal will receive all commission paid to Fortus back in their salary (after adjustment for Employer’s National Insurance).

If you’d like a copy of the original launch pack, please just let me know. Otherwise, keep a lookout, for those mortgage opportunities!