The Companies House submission deadline's approaching

16 March 2021

Back in March 2020, the Government announced that Companies could apply for an extended filing deadline. Now, these deadlines are automatic. However, as this covered filing deadlines between 27th June 2020 and 5th April 2021, we’ll soon be approaching the end of the current extension.

Below is a breakdown of the original changes and those year ends that will now revert back to the original deadline.

Which Companies House filings were affected?

The temporary deadline extension affects accounts, confirmation statements, company changes and mortgage charges.

What was the new extended Companies House Deadline to file my accounts?

Private companies and LLPs have 12 months to file their accounts with Companies House. This is a temporary extension of 3 months from the normal filing deadline of 9 months after the year end.

Public Limited Companies (PLCs) now need to file within 9 months. Previously, the due date was 6 months after the year end.

For example, a private limited company with an accounting year end of 31st March 2020 will now need to file their accounts by 31st March 2021. The normal due date was 31st December 2020.

Do the new Companies House deadline extensions affect all businesses?

YES, but it only affects businesses which have a normal filing deadline between 27th June 2020 and 5th April 2021.

Below are some examples of how it affects different companies. It’s based on a Private Limited Company with a normal filing deadline of 9 months:

Year-End 31/05/2020 – Due 28/02/2021 – Extended to 31st May 2021

Year-End 30/06/2020 – Due 31/03/2021 – Extended to 30th June 2021

Year-End 31/07/2020 – Due 30/04/2021 – No extension after 5th April 2021

Year-End 31/08/2020 – Due 31/05/2021 – No extension after 5th April 2021

For further information on the Companies House Deadline Extensions see the temporary changes announcement by the Government.

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