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  • Fortus sponsors York Rugby League Football Club
  • Provides annual accounts and P11D reporting.
  • Specialist tax advice.

one club. two teams. onside with fortus

Australian businessman and ardent rugby league fan Clint Goodchild surprised the sporting world in January 2022 when it was announced he was to be the new owner / chairman of York Rugby League Football Club.

‘the best thing i’ve ever done’

Clint grew up on a farm in Western Queensland, which taught him business fundamentals such as creativity and problem-solving. He earned an international reputation as a business management expert in sports management, hospitality, and marketing – becoming known as ‘the turnaround guy’.

Then COVID hit, and Clint was approached as a potential new owner, with a goal to help the Knights graduate from the men’s Championship, while steering the women’s team to Super League glory. He describes the move as ‘the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s changed me for the better. ‘Since I’ve come on board, I’ve spent most of my time in York focused on the Club. It’s a beautiful city and has an affluent, positive economy’.

At the same time, business advisors and accountants Fortus was founded. It seems inevitable that Clint and Fortus would work together – ‘There’s a real community feel to both organisations’, Clint says.

growing pains

When Clint rebranded York City Knights as York RLFC, their brand was being serviced by top-class local professionals. But, feeling like the new kid on the block himself, he was impressed with the values and culture of a fledgling business – namely, us. And he was inspired by the continued impact we were having on York.

Clint instigated a huge overhaul of RLFC, with the men’s team as the Knights and the women’s team christened the Valkyries. And a major partnership was announced with Fortus. Our name was emblazoned on the front of the Knights’ 2023 strip, and we’re also a partner of the Valkyrie team. But the partnership goes beyond sponsorship. Fortus will continue to support RLFC with:

  • Regular payroll and employer-related declarations.
  • Annual P11D reporting – supporting the club and players with the preparation and submission of their off-payroll benefits.
  • Annual accounts – we continue to look forward, conducting regular reviews of interim management information, supporting the Knights’ internal finance team and being proactive with pre-year-end tax advice. And we also do the less exciting stuff too – statutory financial statements and corporation tax reporting, to ensure compliance with Companies House and H M Revenue & Customs.
  • Specialist tax advisory – we provide advice that’s specific to the sporting industry, e.g. relocation reliefs and other related business advice.

That advice has proved ‘invaluable’ for Clint as RLFC goes through the daily challenges of ‘growing pains’, as he describes them.

‘The model of rugby league is shifting to a different structure in 2025 – a grading structure, where performance is only part of the grading. We’ll also be measured on catchment area, finances, facilities, community, online presence… for me it’s the right direction. We’re positioned well but we need to continue to grow, through investment and seeking opportunities. Fortus are uniquely positioned to help us connect our brand to these wider opportunities as they present themselves.

Commercially, we’re growing too. We’ve invested more than most clubs at our level in sponsors and partners and it’s coming back tenfold now’.

charity begins at home

And speaking of what goes around comes around – Clint thanks Fortus for tips in a new aspect of business for him – non-for-profit community charity, and the grants that can be given through the Foundation:

‘That not only helps the charity, it goes directly into the community, so it opens doors for the schools and community clubs, and that can bring great talent through to us, whether that’s new players or someone with a passion for video or photography. Sport is all-encompassing.’

future goals

Clint clearly sees RLFC’s relationship with Fortus continuing, and predicts success ahead – though he’s realistically cautious too: ‘If the Knights get placed in the top tier, our players can earn three or four times more than the average championship player does.

Fortus are distinctive consultants on a personal level too, for every RLFC player, coach and staff member, should they wish to benefit from a robust and bespoke tax and wealth management strategy on an individual level.

For me personally, once we can profit, we need to make sure we manage that success, because sometimes a blessing can become a curse!’

So, the synergy between Fortus and RLFC can continue, and the maxim ‘Success is contagious’ will ring true, with every player able to take advantage of our wealth management and sports and media service lines for expert advice.

We’re here to give advice to you and your business too. So call 0330 173 3728 today and see how Fortus can help you forge a bright future.

'There’s a synergy in what RLFC and Fortus are trying to achieve in our timelines. We’re hungry and we’re looking to be innovative and do things differently. I’m a really happy partner with Fortus, but also a satisfied customer.'

Clint Goodchild, Owner/Chairman York RLFC