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R&D tax credits are designed to encourage investment in innovation, but that doesn’t have to mean a huge scientific breakthrough. If you’re spending money on developing a new process, product or service either internally or for a customer, you could qualify. If you employ people who work on projects that advance knowledge and clarify uncertainty, again, you could qualify.

R&D do you qualify?

Many business owners still believe their company won’t qualify for R&D tax credits. In many cases, that misconception’s simply wrong and is costing business owners, tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds annually. HMRC estimates that 97% of eligible companies are missing out. Could this be you?

R&D – What’s it worth?

R&D tax credits are one of the largest tax reliefs available to companies and can be worth as much as 33p for every £1 of a company’s R&D expenditure. Our average claim value for clients last year was £75k with our largest being £1.1m.

These claims have helped business owners invest more money back into their business, in premises, people, equipment or funding future projects.

What sector are you in?

Irrespective of what sector you’re operating in, you could still have qualifying costs. We’ve seen a huge increase in companies benefiting from R&D tax relief across sectors such as construction & architecture, food & drink, technology, logistics, engineering and manufacturing to name just a few.

Cash in your business

Making a successful claim could make a huge difference to your business. It could provide a valuable and significant cash injection into your business allowing you to re-invest in future R&D, growth and staff. Alternatively, it could significantly reduce your tax bill.

Our R&D tax team

Our R&D tax team houses a wealth of experience gained both in practice and in senior positions within HMRC, providing a great combination of tax and industry based experience. We think it’s an ideal combination to have on the team advising you.

Sector: Construction & Built Environment, Creative Industries, Sport & Entertainment

“We spoke with the R&D team at Fortus to explore the opportunities surrounding R&D tax credits. They offered superb advice that led to the recovery of significant R&D monies"

Declan Murphy Burnetts Manufacturing

“Thanks to Fortus investigating our use of recycled bottles, they identified that we qualified for R&D Tax Relief. That has allowed us to invest back in the business"

Charlotte Jamme Mia Tui

“From identifying the opportunity, submitting claims, liaising with HMRC and maximising the tax benefit, working with Fortus has been a pleasure"

Andy Morris Ashe Construction


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