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Stumbling blocks such as cashflow issues or accumulating debt are part and parcel of growing a successful business. Think of them as growing pains.

Leaving them to fester too long means they become less manageable and more dangerous to your business. Fortus Recovery has a unique understanding of the financial challenges you face and can help you make courageous decisions about the future of your business.

Final nail or next step?

We know the term insolvency carries negative connotations, and we’re unlikely to be the first advisor you reach out to. Our focus isn’t about putting the final nail in the coffin – we’ll share our experience and knowledge to help your business overcome its financial issues and move forward.

Know your options

How soon you get in touch is really important. As arrears and debt build up, your options start to reduce. Let us listen to what’s happening in your business now, to provide you with as many solutions as possible.

Recover and restructure

There are lots of ways a business can be restructured to overcome cashflow issues. We can boost your ability to look at the business objectively; explore and identify the areas of profitability and make informed, strategic decisions about the business.

Getting creditors on your side

Pressure from those you owe money to can wear you down. Our experience of negotiating with creditors means we can help you rebuild those relationships and find resolutions which work for all involved.

Closing the right way

There are different routes for closing a company depending on whether it’s solvent or insolvent, and whether the operating business is still viable. We’ll help you to understand what options are available and be by your side to ensure a smooth process.

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Your recovery team are truly outstanding, they’ve demonstrated such professionalism


Fortus Recovery provided a friendly, expedient and thoroughly professional service when I was restructuring my business. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them.


Fortus Recovery, in particular Shane Biddlecombe & Gordon Johnston, have always been on hand to offer their time and valuable experience. No question's been too small and every case is unique - a lot to be said for clear and practical advice



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