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The world of Sport & Entertainment’s fast-moving, highly innovative and, at times, very exciting. It needs calm heads and experienced minds to deal with the demands of running a successful business in this sector.

Headed by former international footballer and business owner Andrew Johnson, we’re passionate about advising business owners and their leadership teams who work in this industry. We understand the demands that come from working in high-performing teams surrounded by elite talent. We also know the value that a trusted advisor can bring to a company as it deals with everything that comes from this unique area of business.

Supporting businesses in Sport & Entertainment

Perhaps you’re a current or retired professional athlete, making the transition from a career in sport to a career in industry as a business owner, with your own personal financial challenges and need the right level of support to ensure this is as successful as possible. Surrounding yourself with a team who’ve done this before and can point out the pitfalls with sound and experienced advice can make all the difference.

Equally, you may own and lead a business that sits within this sector and require the technical expertise we can provide, drawn from across the Fortus business. We understand the industry and appreciate how to guide clients, to ensure their business is as sustainable and successful as possible.

Business growth

Businesses, like sports, need teams to work effectively together with clear strategy and direction. We often meet business owners with fantastic ideas, but they’re so closely involved in every aspect of the business, they’re not able to develop and implement a cohesive growth strategy.

At Fortus, we have a true business advisory growth capability including acquisition or mergers, UK and international growth, building new teams, new market entry and transformation.

Tax advisory

Our highly talented team do so much more than tax compliance. Whether it’s structuring your business tax efficiently, preparing for sale, or ensuring all available reliefs are claimed, we have an adaptable team with decades of experience to help. So, if you’re ready to look at your options for tax efficiency, our Business Tax team are here to support you in retaining more of your hard-earned profits.


We have Property services and consultancy locked down at Fortus, which means we’re able to support clients in a variety of ways. From commercial to residential, from valuations to portfolio management and from acquisitions to property tax relief. If you need advice on how to get the most from your property, then our team of experienced Chartered Surveyors are here to assist you every step of the way.

Cashflow and finance

Working capital can fluctuate for many reasons. We’ll identify cashflow issues or pain points and provide solutions on how to overcome them. This could be in the form of financial modelling or even business performance improvement. Our team will work with you to provide the management information you need to make informed decisions that will deliver positive and lasting results for your business.

Building the right teams

At Fortus, we offer comprehensive People Services to help you do just that. Day to day HR can drag you down. Our HR team can help you deal with grievance issues, HR admin, compliance and much more. There’s no need to do it by yourself or to unnecessarily have an expensive in-house HR team. Don’t get caught out by not having the right contracts in place or an effective strategy on how to get the best from your people, let us help you ensure the most important asset in your business really succeeds.

VAT advisory

VAT planning and structuring for businesses can be a minefield and our team of industry leading VAT specialists are here to take the burden away from you. Perhaps your business deals in international trade and needs support on VAT litigation and dispute resolution. In these instances, you need the right specialists to look after your business interests and at Fortus, they’re on hand and here to help you.

Selling or exiting

There are so many things to consider if you want to exit your business. We can help you increase value, make sure you attract the right buyers and get the best price. Maybe you have a strong management team to undertake a management buy-out, or would like to continue your legacy through your employees with an employee ownership trust? Whatever your exit route, we’ll be there to make sure the deal’s right.

“I firmly believe preparation for ‘life after sport’, starts during your sporting career. With a passion for business, as an owner and investor of multiple companies, I’m keen to support athletes and business owners in the world of sport, media & entertainment."

Andrew Johnson Head of Sport & Entertainment


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