Davide Di Maio Senior Technical Analyst

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With a passion for science, technology and innovation, I’m always on the lookout for businesses who are keen to innovate, be it with small incremental advances or cutting edge inventions.

Since gaining my doctorate in Materials Science, I’ve been fortunate to work in very different and engaging fields. I started out as a scientist at the National Physical Laboratory before transferring to the private sector. I moved to North Yorkshire in 2014, when I also became a consultant. I helped companies to apply for European grants for innovation in the biotechnology sector. In the last few years, as a Technical Analyst, I have helped engineering, bioscience and IT companies to receive over £9 million in R&D tax credits.

When I’m not spending my time helping businesses to improve their processes and systems, you’ll more than likely find me developing my next sustainability idea. In my spare time, you can find me spending time outside, hiking or running around North Yorkshire.

“If it doesn't work,try something new. And repeat."