Southampton Marathon VS Elise Sheppard

29 September 2021

Elise Sheppard

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Whilst watching the London Marathon in 2019, I made a promise to myself that I’d run one in 2020 for charity… unfortunately, COVID19 struck the world. 

With my 2020 marathon having been cancelled due to the global pandemic, I was determined to not let this deter me from completing one. So, I decided to continue running throughout the various lockdowns. For me, this was an activity that really helped me to clear my head and keep a strong focus when life was pretty dull! Then, after another marathon cancelled in April 2021, I was finally able to run the Southampton Marathon on Sunday 5th September! Despite being slower than I’d like to have been under the blazing sunshine, I crossed the finishing line 26.2 miles and 5hrs 54 mins later.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed every minute and it was worth all the training without a doubt! I’ll definitely be doing another one to try and beat my time, having actually only started running after watching the London Marathon back in 2019.

The reason why I was so determined to run a marathon was to raise money for the HASAG Asbestos Disease Support and The June Hanock Mesothelioma Research Fund charities, in memory and the honour of my Grandad, Graham. To find out more about my journey and the charities I’m raising money for, please visit the link below.


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