Coming from the Outside In

1 July 2020

The American philosopher Andy Warhol once said, “They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”. I’ve always been an advocate for this throughout my professional and personal life. Having run my own business, Purity, for the past 12 years I recently made the change in stepping away and moved into my new role at Fortus as Managing Director of London and the Creative Sector. In doing so, I moved from being a client of Fortus, to a colleague to everyone within the business.

In 2007 I started Purity working at home, in the absence of colleagues, clients or guarantee of income and with the country on the brink of recession. On April 1 when Fortus launched, it occurred to me that once again I was part of a new business venture whilst working from home, with the UK rocked by economic uncertainty. This time however, the picture is markedly different.

Having started a number of businesses throughout my career I continue to learn with every new challenge. The need to truly add value as a service provider, whether that’s marketing services with Purity, or professional services now with Fortus, remains as fundamental as ever. Clients pay for your expertise, knowledge and insight and in doing so expect a return on this investment. Communication remains key. Considered, consistent and professional communication at all times ensures you represent yourself and your business, and clients are all too well aware of this. Take care of the small things, the devil truly is in the detail and the big things will start to look after themselves.

As a client to having worked closely with many people across a variety of service lines from Compliance to Corporate Finance, from Tax to HR and moreover having seen first-hand both the culture, ability and ambition within the business, I was confident the move to Fortus was absolutely the right one to make. Whilst the landscape we’ve been operating in of late is clearly unique in so many ways, the fact remains that our clients need us now, arguably more than ever. We are so much more than accountants in the eyes of our clients, and we should never lose sight of this. Everything that appealed to me about joining Fortus has been magnified by virtue of the prevailing circumstances.

We are here to listen, to enable our clients to offload the pressures associated with owning and running a business.

We are here to understand, to show empathy and in doing so provide guidance from within the vast resources, knowledge and experience that Fortus offers.

We are here to support, to give confidence to our clients that by working with Fortus they are not alone. That strength comes in numbers and through our collaboration they can develop their own resilience.

There’s one over-riding word that feels salient as I not only reflect on the past two months, but look to the future. Coalescence – it means ‘the joining or merging of elements to form one mass or whole’. When I look at Fortus now and what it can offer to our clients I think of the importance of this. Our success both for our clients and ourselves as a business will result in our ability to increasingly coalesce as one business.