12 April 2022

Working with professionals in the property management, housing association and landlord sectors for over 25 years, at Fortus we’ve gained invaluable insight into many of the time consuming and frustrating aspects that clients tell us are the most troubling.

Whether it’s demanding tenants or tight year-end deadlines, we know and most importantly understand how demanding these can be on your teams, your resources, and your time.

Unfortunately, the issue of demanding tenants isn’t something we think there’s a magic fix for. However, tight year-end deadlines, time consuming project management and lack of visibility of portfolios – well, we had just the idea for that.

And that idea was FORSITE.

So, what’s FORSITE?

FORSITE’s our brand-new workflow and query management tool designed by the Fortus team and partners, which gives our Service Charge clients visibility of entire portfolios and pinpoints exactly where they are in their annual cycle.

We’ve spent over two years developing our software through detailed planning, shared experience and most importantly, listening to our clients. The tool’s designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness which will better allow our clients to have visibility of their full portfolio at any given time, enabling better management of workflow and improved planning of all upcoming work.

FORSITE allows for automated, tracked, and reportable workflow management, with ‘bespoke to you’ workflows so the journey of a scheme can be tracked. That journey may be from:

  • Your year-end accounts being prepared by an external, trusted expert firm like Fortus, or being issued to the residents
  • Annual budgets being rolled forward, approved, and issued to residents with demands

Essentially, whatever the journey, FORSITE can track and monitor progress against pre-set KPIs or timetables. This means your teams and accountants adhere to these, and in turn, your deadlines are met. Plus, this reporting suite supports full performance management and development of your teams, so you can capture training needs as and when they occur.

As well as removing the need for any clunky, excel driven “trackers”, by transferring this functionality to an automated, web-based system, FORSITE can provide tailored, on-demand reporting across any of the data recorded in the system.

From average number of days to issue year-end accounts, to average number of developments under the care of a certain property manager, FORSITE provides reports that are most important to you. Best of all, these reports can be tailored to your preferences with reports being available at the push of a button on live data.

Now, being a firm of business advisors & accountants specialising in the year-end accounts preparation, reporting and auditing of Service Charge accounts, we also know how vital the management of queries is at the year-end stage. Which is why we developed a full query management section of FORSITE that allows for tracking and responding to all queries on the system, as well as allowing allocation of queries to a main contact or additional contacts, such as property managers. Everyone’s kept in the loop.

To reiterate, this data is all reportable – so understanding your more problem-filled schemes, or the average number of queries per development, is all available at the end of your fingertips.

Fraser Akehurst, Director here at Fortus has been instrumental in FORSITE’s development over the past year.

He says, “FORSITE’s incredibly easy to use and adaptable, meeting a range of client needs across our entire portfolio. It’s certainly less ‘rigid’ than the project management tools I’ve used in previous roles. When we’re presenting training to our clients, they get it straight away – they instantly appreciate how FORSITE will benefit them every day. It really is a breath of fresh air.”

As you can probably tell, our team’s pretty proud of what we’ve created, and some of our clients who’ve been actively using the software have been singing its praises…

“FORSITE's real-time status updates, ease of use and reporting functionality has helped streamline our administrative process and importantly, ensure our accounts reach our customers on time, every time."

Angela Biffin
Freemont Property Managers Limited

We’d love to show you more of FORSITE’s capabilities and how it could revolutionise how you currently operate.